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What is Frame It For Me?

It is an easy to use website to allow you to decorate your walls with your favorite photo memories in a simple, clean, hassle free manner.

What comes with a Frame It For Me set?

Everything you need to put up your frame set, except a hammer! The box includes 10 frames, nails to put up the frames, a template to follow and a bubble level to make sure it is straight.

Can I customize my Frame It For Me?

Yes, you can change the orientation of the frames to suit your taste and space. If your wall is bigger you can get two sets of frames and place them next to each other.

What makes Frame It For Me unique?

It provides you with an easy to use hanging system. It takes less than 15 minutes to hang your set of 10 frames without having to do any measurements or adjustments, whether on a straight wall or up/down a staircase.

Can I choose the images that come with my frames?

Yes, you can upload your photos on the website and choose the location you want each image to be placed. These will then be printed and placed in the frames.

What if my wall is too small?

The templates can be rotated to fit a more vertical or narrow space. Alternatively you could use only a section of the template.

What if I have a large area to cover?

Frame It For Me is modular, so you can add on as many sets as you like by hanging additional sets side by side.

Can I use the "Up the Stairs" Template and "Standard" Template in conjuction with one another?

Yes, all sets use the same dimension frames and can be used together or separately. You may also double up on a set if you have a particularly long wall.

Is the Template reusable?

Yes, if you decide to move your frame set, the template can be used again.

How do I make sure the frames are going to be level?

The Frame It For Me box set includes a bubble level, to ensure everything is straight and aligned.

How can I make sure the printing quality of the photos is good?

Our photos are printed using high quality photo paper. Once you upload a photo a notification will appear if the resolution is too low to print, allowing you to confirm if you would like to proceed with a low resolution print.

What size are the photos being printed?

The frames in the box set accommodate 11-5x7 inch photos and 1-11x14 inch photo.

What is the exchange and refund policy?

If you receive any damaged product we will exchange it free of charge. If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, you can get refunded within 14 days. Please refer to our exchange and refund section for more information.

Does someone come and install the frames?

Yes, if you are living in Dubai, our team will come and install the frames for an additional fee.

Where do you ship to?

We ship globally, except to the United States and Canada.

What is the kids section?

It is a section dedicated to decorating your child's room with fun and unique posters. The set will be either 3 large frames or 6 small ones. The box will also include the easy to follow template, to allow you to transform their wall instantly.

What is included in the annual package?

You will have the option to change your photos on a quarterly or semi annual basis. You will upload your new photos, which will be printed and delivered to your home. This way your photos will never be outdated.


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